Diapers & Dummies Frequently Asked Question

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Where exactly is Diapers and Dummies Crèche and Nursery School located?

We are located at 22 Poplar Street Noordwyk Midrand. A map can be found on our Contact Us page

How long has Diapers and Dummies been in existence?

It was founded in 1989 and was the first Crèche and Nursery school in Midrand

Do I need to pay a registration fee?

We do not require a registration fee

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We do not require a deposit

How can I pay my monthly account?

Currently we accept EFT payments. We will be introducing debit order and card facilities during the course of 2018.

Banking Details:

Account holders name: Diapers & Dummies
Bank: FNB
Account Number: 62681641041
Branch Code: 260655
Branch Name: Carlswald
Reference: Child’s name

Does Diapers and Dummies Crèche and Nursery School offer a rebate for siblings?

Yes. It depends on numbers and age. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the details.

Where will my child be playing at Diapers and Dummies?

Each age group has their own play area designed for their specific abilities. They are continually monitored and maintained by staff. We use AstroTurf instead of lawn in our little person’s play area and grass and mud for extra fun in our big little person’s play area. On rainy days we spend our time in the big play areas indoors.

What ages does Diapers and Dummies Crèche cater for?

The crèche accepts babies from 4 weeks of age upward.

What ages does Diapers and Dummies Nursery School cater for?

The nursery school caters for kiddies from the age of 2 to 5.

How many children per class at Diapers?

Is Diapers and Dummies Crèche and Nursery school also a Pre- Primary?

We do provide pre-primary education for our 6 year olds in a structured way using all the techniques that have been proven to work over the years. We do not maintain one specific teaching method but rather use the ones that help our almost ready school goers achieve the abilities needed to do what needs to be done in big school. /accordion_toggle] ArrayIt varies between ages and the number of children guides the number of staff per class.

How many staff does Diapers and Dummies have?

Currently we have 10 staff

How long have the staff members been with Diapers and Dummies Crèche and Nursery School?

Most of our staff have been with the school for between 5 years and 23 years with new members joining as we grow.

How to I arrange to visit Diapers when I need to chat to teachers or staff?

We have a strong open door policy. Any parent is welcome to come and see us at any time. No need to make a booking. No need to call ahead.

How do the teachers at Diapers and Dummies communicate with parents about their children?

We do not make use of journals or note books. If we need to chat to a parent, we call or catch you on the way in or out on the day.

What Extra murals are offered at Diapers and Dummies?

We have a variety available from outside suppliers such as soccer, cricket, ballet, swimming and computers. More information is available on the About Us pages

Does Diapers and Dummies cater for special needs children?

We will attempt to cater for any child within reason & will assist in finding alternative help if necessary.

Does Diapers and Dummies cater for special dietary requirements?

We can meet any reasonable dietary requirement.

Can my child bring snacks with to Diapers and Dummies?

We supply snacks and juice twice a day but children are more than welcome to bring extra snacks and juice.

How can my child celebrate their birthday at Diapers and Dummies Crèche and Nursery School?

Birthdays are big and important and just wouldn’t be right without sugar and fun! Cake and party packs are welcome. Safety is always important so please supply sweets and snacks that pose no choking hazard.

Does Diapers and Dummies have a uniform?

We do not require a uniform. Our philosophy is to encourage individuality and there is no better way than allowing little people to develop their individualised tastes in dress. Uniforms are for ‘big school’. Besides, our staff are as keen on Spiderman, Ben 10, Barbie and Hello Kitty as our kiddies.

Does Diapers and Dummies Crèche and Nursery School follow a specific education model?

We use our 25+ years of experience and do whatever works to ensure that your child achieves their goal.

Have there ever been any serious injuries to children attending Diapers and Dummies?

A broken arm once or twice. Bumps and grazes now and again. Never a death or serious injury.

What is Diapers and Dummies’ attitude toward immunisation?

We require all our little ones to be immunised and for their immunisations to be kept up to date. We occasionally arrange for immunisation campaigns. Immunisation is the only herd mentality Diapers and Dummies Crèche and Nursery school encourages.