Dates to diarise 2020:

  • 28th of February- Dress up as an animal.
  • 24th of April- Dress up as your favourite occupation.
  • 29th of May- Dress up as a superhero.
  • 17th of July- Pyjama day.
  • 2nd of August- 28th August- Make a crazy spring hat.
  • 20th of November- Dress up as a granny and grandpa.

Educational shows:

  • 13th of March- The Dairy Show.
  • 17th of April- The Puppet Theatre.
  • 5th of June- The Ventriloquist Show.
  • 4th of September- The Mammal Show.
  • 7th of October- The Traffic Kids Fun Cars.
  • 20th of November- The Christmas Show

School holidays:

  • 15th of June.
  • 25th of September.

Last Day Of School 2020

  • 15th of December