About Us

All About Us:

Diapers and Dummies Crèche and Nursery School was founded in Noordwyk Midrand by Jeanette Beetge in 1989 making it the oldest crèche and nursery school in Midrand.

Diapers and Dummies has stayed in the family with Meagan, Jeanette’s daughter, running the nursery school and crèche since Jeanette’s passing in 1997. Meagan has taught at the nursery school since 1992

In our 26 years of existence Diapers and Dummies has dedicated itself to be a nursery school focussed on the development of a child in a complete and healthy manner with the goal of creating individuals who can think for themselves.

With a spotless safety record, no negative press and whole families of siblings joining us, Diapers has proven itself to be a safe, fun and loving environment for children from birth to 6 years.

We see the first 6 years of a child’s life as the most important developmentally and emotionally.

While structure is important in a child’s life Diapers has a philosophy of focussing on the fun of being a child and the affordability of solid and caring nursery school and crèche care. As such we have no uniform requirements.

We love Ben 10, Barbie, Spiderman and multi-coloured t-shirts just as much as kiddies do! Besides, uniforms are for ‘Big School’ and help little one’s realise they’re growing up.

Diapers and Dummies is a nursery school and crèche dedicated to helping parents manage their time by being open 230+ days a year from 6:30am to 5:30pm.

The detailed information about the crèche and nursery school’s fees, times and requirements can be found on the Fees page and the Info Pack download.